just think about y’all millions and millions of little dark skinned black girls are going to go to the supermarket with their parents this month and when they’re waiting in line at the check out aisle they’re going to look up and see Lupita Nyong’o being hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world god is amazing

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"Have you ever asked yourself, do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?"  - Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (via screwsociety)

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Anonymous said: What's your major in college?



Cute Nancy Drew date ideas!


Get gelato together!

Go to an Irish pub; only order fruit juice!

Make sandwiches using only what’s in your fridge!

Tell him to burgle your house!

Have him date another girl while you’re in prison!

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"I came to realize that we don’t raise boys to be men, we raise them not to be women."  - Don McPherson, former NFL quarterback, feminist, educator (via s-unyata)

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my new labradorite has the ocean trapped inside


World’s youngest mayor: 15-year-old teenage girl in Palestine
A 15-year-old Palestinian girl took office as the mayor of a West Bank town and became the youngest person in the world to occupy this position.As part of an initiative to empower youth and involve them in the decision-making process, Bashaer Othman will be the mayor of the town of Allar in the city of Tulkarm in the northwestern West Bank for two months.Othman is in charge of all matters related to the municipality of Allar and which include supervising employees and signing all official documents with the exception of financial ones.

Othman is working under the supervision of elected mayor Sufian Shadid who expressed his enthusiasm for the teengar’s appointment as a step towards supporting youth.“There are many ways of supporting youth other than financial means. First, we should make sure we remove obstacles that might stand in their way and with determination and perseverance we can do so,” he said. For Othman, the new position constitutes a major challenge that she is hoping she can be up to.“I want to go through this experience in order to be able to share it with other youth so that they can be prepared for running state institutions in the future,” she said.