sweet dreams are made of this
amanda. 17. rhode island.
enthusiastic about desserts and solving mysteries. enjoy.
reading: a letter of mary
listening: deer tick
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Most accurate tweet ever


Me: *loses contact with ppl gets behind work & hates self* this is fine

Love breaks my
bones and I
laugh. —Charles Bukowski  (via petrichour)


Dayna Frazer (via Brandon Aviram)


Africa is the world’s second largest continent. But it’s not unusual for Americans to classify it as a single entity, ignoring the many cultural, economic and geographic differences between its 47 countries. If three countries in Africa are going through an Ebola epidemic, the other 44 must be too, right?

Fun fact: Africa is huge.


I think I love her.

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Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap

We’d be good, we’d be GREAT together~



A lot of people like to explain consent in sexual encounters as “No means no.” This is true, but doesn’t capture as many crucial parts of happy fun sex and experiences as “Yes means yes!” Consent should always be informed and enthusiastic, never coerced, and you and your partner should be looking for consent continuously. Stay safe, stay happy, and have fun!

Consent can look different for different people, but that’s why communication between partners is so important. No matter what it looks like though, consent should not hinge on any fear, discomfort, or pressure. 


play with my hair and watch the x files with me


Kim Dorland (b. 1974, Wain­wright, Alberta, Canada) - After The Party, 2014 Paintings: Oil, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Linen over Wood Panel

The city looks so peaceful from up here.
Anything is peaceful from one thousand three hundred and fifty three feet.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)


Hillary Clinton (wearing de la Renta) x Nicki Minaj

A second Tribute

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